Curriculum Vita

   Chang Huang , MPhil

   Room 912, 9th floor, Building 1, Henderson Center

   No.18, Jianguomen Inner Street, Dongcheng District

   Beijing 100005


   Mobile:  +86(0)18511339355


Personal Information

Family Name:  Huang

Given Name:  Chang

Gender:  Male

Date of Birth:  15th August 1979

Place of Birth:  Hunan Province, P.R.China

Nationality:  Chinese

Height:  175cm

Recreations:  Basketball, Table Tennis, Badminton, Music

Education Background

Master of Philosophy, July 2006

Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering

School of Engineering and Design

Brunel University

West London

United Kingdom

Thesis: Semantic Web Services Discovery with Rough Sets

General English with preparation for IELTS, June 2004

Studio Cambridge



United Kingdom

Graduated, Computer and Applications, December 2001

National University of Defense Technology

Changsha City

Hunan Province


Dissertation: Personal Communication Database Management System

Training and Certificates

April 2017, Fund Practice Qualification

Asset Management Association of China

Beijing City



September 2010, Engineer Certificate

Department of Human Resources and Social Security of Guangdong Province

Shenzhen City

Guangdong Province


June 2008, Qualification Certificate of Foreign Academic Degree

Service Center for Scholarly Abroad

Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China

Beijing City


June 2008, Qualification Certificate of Chinese Overseas Returning Student

Shenzhen Municipal Office for Introducing Foreign Talents

Shenzhen Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs

Shenzhen City

Guangdong Province


August 2006, Certificate of Chinese Overseas Returning Student

Education Section

Embassy of the People's Republic of China


United Kingdom

May 2006, Brunel Scholarship Certificate

Brunel International Scholars' Reception

Brunel International Office

Brunel University

West London

United Kingdom

February 2005, Certificate of Achievement (Health & Hygiene)

Blue Arrow



United Kingdom

November 2004, Research Student Induction Module

Brunel Graduate School

Brunel University

West London

United Kingdom

June 2004, IELTS 6.0

University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations (Cambridge ESOL)

British Council

IDP: IELTS Australia


United Kingdom

March 2002, Chinese Motor Vehicle Driving License (A2)

Yuanjiang City

Hunan Province


Previous Employment

September 2013 -- Present

Information & Technonogies Center

Beijing Kingstar Fortune Inc.

1            R&D organization structure and technical process standardization

¨ Period: Sep.2013 - Present
¨ Act Role: Director and Deputy General Manager
¨ Responsibilities: Financial Engineering Department, Information & Technonogies Center, Internet Product department and technology R&D department organizational structure formulation, identify position responsibilities, personnel recruitment; the continuous optimization of company flat management structure and Internet product development and operation process, Block Chain technologies research, Face Recognition technologies research, etc.

2            Internal Information Systems

¨ Period: Sep.2013 - Present
¨ Act Role: CTO
¨ Responsibilities: R&D of

3            External Business Platforms

¨ Period: Sep.2013 - Present
¨ Project Role: CTO
¨ Responsibilities: R&D of
Mobile Terminal Devices apps (Android, iOS)

April 2011 -- August 2013

Shenzhen PowerLeader Software Development Co., Ltd.

PowerLeader Science & Technology Corp.

1            R&D department organization structure establishment

¨ Period: Apr.2011 - May.2011
¨ Act Role: R&D Director
¨ Responsibilities: Familiar with working environment and related fellows, assisting the company leaders to establish R&D department structure.

2            Product development technical process standardization

¨ Period: May.2011 - May.2011
¨ Act Role: R&D Director
¨ Responsibilities: Followed with the company development direction, to recruit and employ technical personnel by considering overall cost and personal capacity, set up and optimize the R&D technical processes.

3            Online Game Cloud Platform development

¨ Period: May.2011 - Jul.2011
¨ Project Role: R&D Director
¨ Project Info:
¨ Responsibilities: Define platform infrastructure and functionalities, specified platform external interfaces, find best solutions for the new requirement and emerging issues, held the platform publication conference.

4            Cloud Computing research

¨ Period: Jun.2011 - Aug.2013
¨ Project Role: Research Leader
¨ Project Info: Cloud computing IaaS/PaaS/SaaS investigation
¨ Responsibilities: Investigate cloud computing virtualization (KVM/Xen), include VMs management platform, computer desktop virtualization, cloud security services, etc. Organized software research and development of the thin client machines based on WinCE and Android platforms, provide end to end solutions on desktop cloud, and also include cloud terminal USB storage management and desktop monitoring system.

5            Cloud Computing Virtualization Management Platform research and development

¨ Period: Sep.2011 - Aug.2013
¨ Project Role: Platform Infrastructure Designer and Software Engineer
¨ Project Info: Develop management platform for virtualized machines
¨ Responsibilities: Lead system architecture design and coding of cloud computing OS, platform features consist of several subsystems, such as Resource Management, User Management, Billing Management, Lifecycle Management of VMs, and so force. Using web pages as the man-machine interface for subscribers and the system administrators, the platform can be easily used to set up and operate public cloud and private cloud schemes.

6            Enterprise-level CRM System and Online OA System research and development

¨ Period: Mar.2012 - Aug.2013
¨ Project Role: R&D Director
¨ Project Info: Provide product sales and office automation system for enterprises business
¨ Responsibilities: Marketing requirement collection and analysis, organize project report; develop CRM and online OA system based on Cloud Servers.

December 2009 -- April 2011

Department of System Engineering

Shenzhen Coship Electronics Inc.

1            CDN System design

¨ Period: Dec.2009 - Aug.2010
¨ Project Role: System Engineer
¨ Project Info: A content delivery network system for the whole IP-based networks which is used for files uploading, delivery and management
¨ Responsibilities: System requirements specification and product design, IPTV architecture and services definition.

2            File Segmentation Technology research

¨ Period: Sep.2010 - Nov.2010
¨ Project Role: Principal Investigator
¨ Project Info: Feasibility analysis on technologies of big file segmentation
¨ Responsibilities: Investigate media file blocking methods based on distributed file systems (Hadoop) against with content delivery network.

3            Industry Standard study

¨ Period: Nov.2010 - Dec.2010
¨ Project Role: Principal Investigator
¨ Project Info: Studies on ATIS IIF and Comcast NGOD
¨ Responsibilities: Familiar with relative standard, organize trainings to the team members.

4            Cloud & Grid Computing Investigation

¨ Period: Dec.2010 - Jan.2011
¨ Project Role: Principal Investigator
¨ Project Info: Studies on Cloud Computing and Grid Computing
¨ Responsibilities: Familiar with service oriented architecture and the concept of development based on service delivery platform.

5            SDP Project

¨ Period: Jan.2011 - Apr.2011
¨ Project Role: System Engineer
¨ Project Info: Integration of video systems based on SDP
¨ Responsibilities: Requirement collection and analysis, design subsystem of the unified session and resource management, integrate various video systems of multiple vendors, conduct subsystem development and test.

December 2006 -- November 2009

Central Research and Development Unit

Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

1            Open Grid Services Architecture research

¨ Period: Dec.2006 - Apr.2007
¨ Project Role: Principal Investigator
¨ Project Info: Make definitions of interfaces, behaviors, resources and binding for distributed systems integration and management based on OGSA
¨ Responsibilities: Investigate OGSA related documents, understand typical use cases and make report as outputs.

2            IPTV VoD Simulation tool development

¨ Period: Apr.2007 - Aug.2007
¨ Project Role: Partial Modules Developer
¨ Project Info: A kind of simulation software platform (based on OptorSim), through this platform we can compare the system performances of different mathematical models, algorithms, optimization policies, thus providing guidance for the actual project
¨ Responsibilities: Write design document, develop system topology, user request module, file selection module and replica substitution module.

3            Web-page based IPTV EPG development

¨ Period: Sep.2007 - Jan.2008
¨ Project Role: Technology Investigator & Core Developer
¨ Project Info: An IPTV EPG interface, user can conduct Video on Demand functions through this interface
¨ Responsibilities: Investigate ARQ mechanisms, and develop a web page based EPG.

4            Video Quality Assessment System development

¨ Period: Feb.2008 - Jan.2009
¨ Project Role: Technology Investigator & Core Developer & Documentation & Tester
¨ Project Info: An objective video quality assessment system for H.264 and MPEG4 encoded streams with format of QCIF and QVGA
¨ Responsibilities: Organize video subjective tests, design and implement algorithms for MPEG4 QCIF and QVGA encoded video streams, optimize assessment algorithms based on subjective test results, technical documentations of algorithm design, implementation and experimental verification, and submit patents. Additionally, play a role of editor of documentation in the international standard organization (ITU-T).

5            E2E Video Transmission Packets Loss Simulation Platform development

¨ Period: Jan.2009 - Jun.2009
¨ Project Role: Core Developer
¨ Project Info: An end to end packets loss test platform
¨ Responsibilities: Achieve an E2E simulation system for video transmission; functions consist of video coding, packetization, packet loss simulation, FEC code assignment, video decoding, and PSNR calculation,. Using this platform we can drop designated position packets and verify the efficiency of FEC and ARQ.

6            Unequal FEC Error Protection Policy research

¨ Period: Jun.2009 - Nov.2009
¨ Project Role: Research Engineer
¨ Project Info: A mechanism of unequal loss protection for FEC
¨ Responsibilities: Using packet loss simulation platform to design the best unequal FEC protection strategy, the importance level algorithm of video frames and the unequal redundancy protection algorithm of FEC were designed and implemented.

April 2002 -- September 2003

Software Research and Development Centre

Sinosoft South Information Industry Co., Ltd.

1            Court Database Management System

¨ Period: Apr.2002 - Aug.2002
¨ Project Role: Software Engineer
¨ Project Info: A database management system of a court in Changsha city
¨ Responsibilities: The court website maintenance and system database tables designs.

2            Hospital Information System (HIS)

¨ Period: Sep.2002 - Aug.2003
¨ Project Role: Software Engineer
¨ Project Info: A database information system of a hospital in Yiyang city
¨ Responsibilities: Participated in the development of warehouse management module and pharmacy & drug storehouse management module of the system.

Technical Skills

Operating Systems: Windows, Linux

Database Systems: MySQL, Oracle

Programming Languages: Java, C++, Pascal, Powerscript

Programming Tools: Eclipse, VS, Delphi, PowerBuilder

Web Technologies: HTML, JSP, Java Applet, Java Servlet, XML, Apache Axis, Apache Tomcat, Apache Server, Resin

Distributed Computing Platforms: Web Services (SOAP, WSDL, UDDI, XML, jUDDI), Semantic Web Services (OWL, OWL-S), Composite Services, Web Services Publication and Discovery, RMI, Rough Set Theory, Genetic Algorithm, QoS/QoE, CDN, SOA, Cloud Computing (SPI modules, KVM Virtualizations)

Video Processing: H.264/MPEG4 coding, ffmpeg, RTP/RTCP, FEC, ARQ, Quality Assessment, IPTV Architecture

Personal Statement

I have engaged in the research and development of application-oriented computer software in the information technology fields since year 2001, which include analysis, design, development, test and implementation of the computer application systems, distributed computing systems, video quality assessment systems, and also the analysis and designs of database management systems. Not only did I participate in many cases of computer technologies, but more importantly, I am excellent in management and teamwork.


International Conference Paper:M. Li, B. Yu, C. Huang, Y. H. Song, O. F. Rana. Service Matchmaking with Rough Sets. Proc. of the 6th IEEE International Symposium on Cluster Computing and the Grid (CCGrid'06), May 2006, Singapore. IEEE Computer Society.

Library Thesis:Chang Huang. Web Services Discovery with Rough Sets. Brunel University Library, Uxbridge Campus, Brunel University, West London, September 2006, United Kingdom.


" An Overview of Distributed Technologies", Presenter, PSST Technology Research Department, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. Shenzhen, P.R.China, April 2007

" Semantic Web Services Publication and Discovery with Rough Sets", Presenter, Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering, School of Engineering and Design, Brunel University, West London, United Kingdom, December 2005

" The Data Model in UDDI", Presenter, Brunel Advanced Institute of Multimedia and Network Systems, Brunel University, West London, United Kingdom, February 2005

" Web Services and UDDI", Presenter, Brunel Advanced Institute of Multimedia and Network Systems, Brunel University, West London, United Kingdom, January 2005


" A video quality assessment method, system and device", Application No: 200910161628.9, Publication No: CN101635846

" Method and device for obtaining video quality parameter and electronic equipment". Application No: WO2010CN76175 20100820, international: H04N17/00, European: H04N17/00N

International Conference Participant

Standardization Proposals:Co-editor, G.FQT, G.RQAM.ITU_T SG12 Q13

EchoGrid Kickoff Meeting and the first Workshop, Beihang University (BUAA), Beijing, P.R.China, 7-9 February 2007


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